CITATION: “Obama Campaign Cash cartoon, Cagle cartoons, Columbia Daily Tribune, About.com, 11/29/11, http://politicalhumor.about.com/od/barackobama/ig/Barack-Obama-Cartoons/Obama-Campaign-Cash.htm
CATEGORY: political cartoon PRECIS: Cagle Cartoon’s illustration titled “Obama Campaign Cash” presents Obama is greedily swimming in money next to a broke stereotypical republican working-class man. The author condemns Obama’s economic policies and argues that he harbors too much of America’s money. His purpose is to emphasize the extreme deprivation of money against southerners and the typical opponents of Obama.
The author’s audience of mainly republicans is further convinced of Obama’s corruption as president.COMMENTARY: Being that I live in Texas, I can understand the meaning behind the cartoon more than the others I have recently seen. Many stereotypes are given to southern republicans.
CITATION: “The Obama Downgrade cartoon, Sherffius.com, Boulder Camera, 8/7/11, About.com, 11/29/11, http://0.tqn.com/d/politicalhumor/1/0/v/C/4/Obama-Downgrade.jpg
CATEGORY: political cartoon PRECIS: The political cartoon by Sherffius titled “The Obama Downgrade” strongly contradicts Obama’s slogan “yes we can” by giving a multitude examples of how he failed as president. The author illustrates a large red ‘X’ upon the slogan, and cynically recreates it to say “no we can’t because…” including a number of reasons. The author’s purpose is to argue against a successful future under Obama due to his “neglecting to use power…to lead America.” He informs an unaware audience of why America “can’t” be successful under Obama.
COMMENTARY: This cartoon was pretty harsh, compared to the other ones I have seen-and by harsh I just mean it was not as funny. However I was very enlightened by the reasoning given which I did not previously know about.

CITATION: Mike Lukoich, “Romney Campaign Ad” cartoon, Romney Campaign, Ad,creators syndicate, 2009, About.com, 11/29/11, http://politicalhumor.about.com/od/politicalcartoons/ig/Political-Cartoons/Romney-Campaign-Ad.htm

CATEGORY: political cartoon PRECIS: Mike Lukoich, in his political cartoon titled “Romney Campaign Ad” criticizes Mitt Romney’s dishonest behavior as a presidential candidate. Lukoich portrays Obama accusing Romney of such behavior, saying “you mislead Americans, you stink.” Romney in return twists Obama’s words for a new promotional ad to where Obama is saying “Americans, you stink.” By portraying this comparison, Lukoich supports the accusation against Romney. By humoring a fictitious event, he makes a statement to his audience that Romney is unreliable.PERSONAL COMMENTARY: I loved how easily understood yet very funny this cartoon was.
CITATION: Unoccupy Wallstreet” cartoon, Eagle Cartoons, Columbia Daily Tribune, 2011, About.com, 11/29/11, http://0.tqn.com/d/politicalhumor/1/0/h/M/4/Unoccupy-Wall-Street.jpg

CATEGORY: political cartoon PRECIS: In Eagle Cartoon’s illustration “Unoccupy Wall street,” wall street is portrayed to be merciless to complaints and grievances of the country. The author illustrates a small feeble man timidly consulting with a much taller man to contrast the power entitled to wall street business men and their intimidating manner. The author’s purpose is to emphasize how wall street is worked by people who hold a great advantage over the rest of American people-even “the people who own the country.” The author persuades an audience of middle-class assortment to recognize the unusual power that “wall street” has in the country.COMMENTARY: This cartoon was difficult to understand, being that I am unfamiliar with the term ‘occupy movement.’
CITATION: “Cain Secret Service Protection cartoon, Chattanooga Times, Universal Press Syndicate, 2008, About.com, 11/29/11, http://politicalhumor.about.com/od/politicalcartoons/ig/Political-Cartoons/Cain-Secret-Service-Protection.htm

PRECIS: Bennett, in his political cartoon titled “Cain Secret Service Protection” humorously pokes fun at Herman Cain’s weakness as a speaker by sarcastically presenting a unrealistic excuse for his fault. He illustrates body guards tackling a microphone and protecting the frightened Cain from potential ‘danger.’ His purpose is to emphasize speeches, or any public presentations for that matter made by Cain to the public are bound to hurt his reputation. Bennett hits an audience that especially favors charismatic speaking when deciding who to vote for in order to enforce Cain’s lack of ability as the president.COMMENTARY: My favorite cartoon that I have found-It really made me laugh and cleverly brought Cain’s presentation skills into the spotlight.